We've got work to do. So do you. 

Reach out so we can make YOU look & sound good! (or better)

When your work needs a voice,  producer, copywriter, etc, let us know. 

You can thank us later...

With stops in multiple markets & positions in broadcast media, we have a passion for voiceovers, music programming, imaging, consulting and workshopping. 

"Audio production is the general term for all stages of production happening from the actual recording to the completion of a master recording. It involves, sound design, sound editing, audio mixing, and the addition of effects."

We voice/produce commercials, radio/TV imaging,  event hosting, (emceeing)
music editing, technical consulting,  voicetracking, narrations, & more.  

If you wanna brand it, we can voice/produce it. 

We know what it takes to create compelling production. With over 20 years in audio production, we capture the sound,  style,& attitude  your concept requires.  

For information on demos, rates and general coolness, contact us at worldfamousradio@yahoo.com. 
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